Quality, Fit and Safety: Red Wing prides itself on providing quality industrial footwear, as well as hunting and hiking boots, for men and women. Customers have the option of choosing soft toe, safety toe, insulated, uninsulated or waterproof footwear, and they have the satisfaction of knowing their footwear will be well cared for.


Custom Fit & Care

For optimum fit, Red Wing shoes are available in sizes 4A to 20EEEE. Plus, several footwear options are available in King Toe, which provides wearers with 44 percent more toe room than traditional work shoes.

Safety shoes are an excellent option for many companies whose employees work around heavy machinery. Red Wing’s safety toes are made out of three materials: steel, a hybrid aluminum product and a lightweight, nonmetallic product that doesn’t conduct heat or cold.

These materials, combined with triple-stitched seams, sturdy welt construction and rich leathers, form the signature look of Red Wing shoes.

Red Wing safety shoes also are available with interior and exterior metatarsal shields to protect the entire foot.

Repair & Replace

Free Oiling

The best way to protect your premium Red Wing leather boots is to keep your boots oiled. Stop in and we’ll oil your boots for free with genuine Red Wing boot oil.

Free Laces

Even though every Red Wing boot lace is tested to last for 50,000 repetitions, we know eventually they’ll need to be replaced and we’ll replace them for free.

Shoe Repair

Even Red Wing boots eventually need a little care and attention. From minor hardware repairs to re-soling, we can perform the necessary repairs that will make your Red Wings last even longer. We think you’ll agree, it will be a great investment to keep your Red Wing boots working even longer.


While our premium Red Wing boots last almost forever, the insoles can start to de-grade. You’ll start to notice a little loss of comfort. We can replace your insoles and instantly re-store your underfoot comfort for a modest investment.

Custom Needs

We have the ability to make special shoes to fit your unique needs. One foot bigger than the other? Our mis-mate program can provide you two different size shoes. Suffered a foot injury? Red Wing can re-craft a shoe to meet your unique needs. All at a modest cost and done without a long wait.

Special Orders

Red Wing and its line-up of brands, offers over 500 styles of footwear, so we can’t possibly stock them all. However, if there is a style you’d like to try, we can order it for you and call you when it arrives.


Industrial Sales Program

Protecting the ankles, feet and knees of employees from accidents with good industrial footwear cuts lost work days due to injuries, improves productivity and heightens morale. Nearly 60 percent of Red Wing By Heisler sales come from its Industrial Sales Program, which sells safety footwear to companies in manufacturing, construction for the trades, landscaping and other industries. Heisler’s Red Wing can create a custom program to provide discounted safety footwear with comfort and fit guaranteed to each participating employee.

Mobile Shoe Store

One advantage of the Industrial Sales Program offers is to send a Red Wing By Heisler’s representative to visit a company and custom-fit each employee with a pair of safety shoes or boots. Using the iStep® scanning technology of a mobile Aetrex machine, a foot scan will measure an employee’s foot and provide a digital reading of pressure points, arch variances and more. This information – which can be emailed directly to the customer – will help ensure each customer receives a comfortable, well-fitting shoe, along with any needed orthotic insoles.

And even better, Red Wing By Heisler’s is even willing to visit employees working second and third shift hours, because every employee deserves a well-fitting shoe.

Companies also can send employees directly to any Red Wing By Heisler store for a custom fitting with the same iStep® technology used by the mobile team.

    Return Policy

    Red Wing branded footwear products are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials.

    If within 6 months of purchase, a defect occurs in a Red Wing branded products as the result of normal use, Red Wing will repair the defect or exchange the product.

    If a defect occurs as a result of normal use within 6 to 12 months after purchase, Red Wing will repair the defect or issue a credit for 50% of the purchase price.

    If a product defect occurs as a result of normal use 12 months or more after purchase, Red Wing may, at its option issue a fair and reasonable credit that can be applied to the purchase of Red Wing branded footwear. The amount of the credit will be determined in the dealer’s sole judgment.

    Product failures caused by excessive or abusive wear conditions do not qualify for exchange or purchase credit. This warranty is available only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. No adjustment will be given without the original receipt of purchase. You must return your footwear to the Red Wing Shoe Dealer from which the footwear was purchased.